Monday, July 29, 2013

OOH many pretty things...

I had abit too much fun at the show on the weekend! I was going soo well and then I cam across the shop called The Paper Craft Hub in Canberra. Well, that wasn't good!! Lots of lovely washi tape and Fancy That dies. So sweet. So I will be playing with them shortly, I have my eldest son heading off to camp tomorrow 7am- abit harsh! Such a big job naming everything under the sun and making sure e has everything! But that is done now so it is time to relax and enjoy the short break of having just two at home. I'll miss the big noise maker but I will enjoy to peace that strangely happens when just one departs for a short time!

I am sure I had posted this before but I seems to not be here. I love this card. Soo simple. 

I inked the embossing folder and ran it thru my cuttlebug. So effective technique, if you haven't tried it give it a go!

Lets catch up on some swaps...


Graduated Gitter- Something abit different I hope. Many people glitter an image I decided I would make a checker board, why... cos I'm nuts!! I had glitter EVERYWHERE!! But it was soo much fun. "Just Because"... I could!

Next Paris without an Eiffel Tower- I wonder if you can pick how things ties into that.  "The Green Fairy" Or the drink "Abstinence"

Banners- That's no shock :)

I tried steampunk for the first time. I had to google some inspiration but I think it turned out well...

It's time for bed. Sleep well or have a great day if you are just waking up!!

Thanks for looking. xx