Monday, October 28, 2019

Camera Problems

Hi all,

Quick drop in to say I have had issues with getting videos off my phone then another issue with my sons' phone and finding cables while my husband is away.Story goes on!...

I used a phone of my husbands for the first 2 videos but if he goes away, I have a problem.
I'll get it sorted and then you will have regular videos in no time!

In the mean time if you know of how to make the quality of videos smaller on phones and therefore enabling a computer program to read it! Let me know down below!

I do have one video coming that is off hubbies phone coming soon.

Thankyou for your patience

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Bug's Birthday

If you don't know me or read the about me on the side you won't know I have 3 sons. My young I call "Bug" I don't really know why I started to call him that but I did. I think it was from when he was very little and he wouldn't go to anyone else except me and my husband and unfortunately for my husband he would quickly come back to me once his hellos had been said!

It was super sweet and maybe because he wouldn't leave me be, in a nice way, I started to call him bug!

Last weekend my "Bug" became my "Big bug" and turned 13! Where have those years gone!

My card today was for his Birthday. I wanted to fairly plain and simple and I hope you enjoy it.

Stamps I used were Avery Elle Balloons and I used the dies to Avery Elle Numbered Balloons.

The 2 balloons were stamped in Couture Creations Card Deco Inks of Pearlescent Bronze and Olive Green. I had to heat set it and still then it was wet, I did stamp it a few times as the stamp is a very solid image. I cut it out using the coordinating dies but it slipped (me being lazy with the tape) so I trimmed them up by hand. I do prefer no white edge.

I die cut the '13' with just white cardstock and coloured that with my Copics B18, B16 and B12.

The background needed something, using the Halftone stencil from Paperrose and Salty Ocean distress ink I added a little bit of colour to the background.

I had some black and white twine in my stash and wrapped it around the ends of the balloons and added more to make a tails. Once these had foam mount to add dimension to all of the balloons I used multi matt medium to the tails so I could make them curve around down my card. Added a couple of black sequins so the black in the twine wasn't alone and that is my card.

No video today due to the fact I filmed in on my phone and I can get it off the phone but nothing can read it to edit it!!!

So as soon as we work out how to do it I will edit it here.

Thank you for stopping by.

Saturday, October 19, 2019


A quick post today.

I have been trying to work out YouTube playing with lights and don't get me started on editing. Adding text over the video and title page and thumbnails. I have told my 15yr old to go nuts and he made my title page and now he's working on music. I will probably change my title page to something better but its a start. I really hope this gets easier lol.

Sandown Picture 2 Page happened last weekend.

Such a great day, I worked 2 of the days and came back completely exhausted. I love it as you get to see people you may not have seen since the last show. I have 2 guys that come in every show, 1 of them tells me a joke every time I see him!

This is what I bought. I'm also trying to work out how to add the video here and not just as a link. So if you have any idea comment below!

First up was actually The Lolly Man. We named him that his real business name is "Just Sweets". There is no photos of the purchase... well cos it didn't last very long at all!!

Scrap2relax in Melbourne outer closed recently but they come to the show to sell off product. I can't remember how much I paid for all of this but got it all at 50% so I was pretty happy with that!
Hoping to add these to a canvas or something for texture. Frankly I will decide what on earth I will do with them later!

Next purchase again was from a business closing down! Its sad in a number of ways!
BellBirds in Blackburn Melbourne has been around for a while but have announced that they will close.  I bought 3 stamps from them as they have lots of similar stuff that my shop has. I bought these stamps 3 for $20. Great deal the cheapest stamp had a usual price of $20 alone.
When my phone holder arrives I will be playing with these. 

Next purchase was from Hobby Hoppers.
I bought some pens that are super fine, some 6x6 paper pads and a book binding template. For a closing look check out the video. I hope to have a play with the template soon.

Last up was Papermaze, they aren't closing. I'm going to use these for an album that will be look an camera so there is abit to collect for it.

Please check my video below.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Something new today!

 Image result for Kaisercraft Miss Empire 

Soooo..... one wonders sometimes why we do what we do... Is it a moment of temporary insanity or a moment of inspiration!???

Today I have done my first ever youtube video, well I've done them for Auslan but none were public access and frankly I FREAKED when I actually posted one public one day! But I have evolved! So you will find a video of how I made this card. Be nice!... please. lol

Today's card is from an old Kaisercraft range, called Miss Empire. I wanted to use Seaside and me by Couture Creations but I think I have seen it so much I forgot that I hadn't actually bought it so that will  be changing as I only just saw it in a shop last week! It is gorgeous!

Is an lovely blend of vintage style of greens orange and browns.

I also used the collectables in the range. The card was very simple in the end. I originally wanted to use the New Card Deco Ink pads from Couture Creations for the sentiment and I could of used that ink for sponging around the background but I needed to get this video done and I had a timeline to do it in with very little time.

I have been away again and this will be the last for a while, thank goodness. 

Such a great time away thou. Sooo many whales to be seen (from dry land) while they were just playing and enjoying themselves.

I cut paper to be 14.4x 10 to fit the front of my card base which is measures 14.9 x 10.5, leaving a small border around the edge. I then applied some Embossing Paste by Studio 490 through Anna Griffith Daisy Batik stencil. It wasn't over the whole page I just needed a touch to give some depth and texture to my project. The stencil is quite a thick stencil and in the photo above you can see the texture you get from using this type of stencil. I love it.

After drying it off I sponged some Walnut Stain Distress Ink over the panel to bring out the detail of the embossing paste. I sponged around all elements of the project including the collectables and flowers. You can see the sponging on the flowers a lot better in the photos compared to the video.

It connects everything together!

The frame and the lady are mounted up with foam mount for dimension.

I added some cheesecloth behind the feature panel. This stuff is great you don't have to do too much at all to it. You can also tea dye it. It breaks up the background with the frame having no backing to it.

It is held on with the foam tape and I added a little bit of glue behind it to make sure it stays al together.

As you can see here on the frame I aged the frame again with the Walnut Stain to help bring your eye to the centre of the card and the lady and flowers.

That's it! As you can see it really is a simple card with not alot of layers or extras. Sometimes less is more. It didn't need more... I think!

My video can be found here.

As I mentioned above it is a basic video but I'm working on improving that.

I hope you like it and thank you for stopping by.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Ridiculously Awesome

At a recent camp I had a play with alcohol inks and alcohol lift ink pad.

I can only really tell you the stamps as I was just playing.
On all cards I used Yupo  for the original background and plain Knight smooth for the lift off effect. I just played with the alcohol until I was happy for the result. 

Stamps Used were: Paper rose Beautiful Mandala

This one I used the Alcohol Pearls Inks

Thanks for stopping by for this super short and sweet post.
Take Care