Saturday, January 18, 2020

Is it Christmas already??!

Quick post today. (Well it was going to be)

Before my little craft world fell apart I stamped out a few images.

One was this


The image is a Stampendous Christmas Tree It is an older stamp, sorry about that!

I stamped it out in Momento Tuxedo Black and the Flourish was stamped with Couture Creation Art Deco Pearl Inks,  Olive Green. I masked parts of the tree roughly.

I tried out some different combinations. I’m quite happy with my experiment.
Copics Used:
Red baubles R35, R46, R59
Purple Baubles V22, V25, V28
Red Bauble tree G82, G94, G99
Purple Bauble tree G40, G43, G46

Craft room Reno

It’s done, oh my gosh! It’s finished

Dramas with floors, Australian Fires which made us leave for a holiday slightly early (long story and 2 people that had no idea what on earth they were doing!! Lol

First old

Curtains and carpet about to change. First big job was the clear of course! Carpet is about 17 years old! It had done its time. It is currently in the garage waiting  another diy,

The room got another coat of paint. The colour was pretty much the same but now we have no dents from the boys!! I didn’t realise how filthy the curtains were until we took them down! Ugh

Dramas with the floors was that the company failed to supply Bunnings (which I have since heard that it is common) then fires broke out across NSW and VIC. Then they lost the truck, they knew it was in Vic but couldn’t tell us where.  Bit by bit we got some wood. My husband and father took half of their floor stock then the rest. The woman at Bunnings knew we needed more so she went to another store and brought it back with her!! Can’t be upset at that! The colour is New Walnut.

The new floor.

These were taken as things started coming back in. My map drawer was the hardest to judge where it had to go and we pretty much got it spot on!

 Ready to be sorted n decluttered. It’s early in the morning in this photo but I’m very happy.

Today it looks like this! It is usually clean as it is right at my front door, so first thing you see! It does become the topic of conversation when people come by! 

I bought a floor protector but I wasn’t happy with it so it went on my desk to protect it lovely and clear, works a treat, the old small one went to the video table and I got a good floor protector from Costco!

So get ready, I’m now finished off little jobs and I’m all set up and ready to go.

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

MIAI know

Hello Everyone,

I know I've been missing in action. I have good reason, apart from Christmas and busy with all of that fun.

This is the current state of my craftroom...

It is going to look amazeballs.

Painting is all done and tomorrow the wood will arrive. Big delay because hubby didn't think there would be a delay with Christmas. :D

But it doesn't matter we have been super busy getting things organised and just other holiday things. We also painted a few areas in the house that had been damaged (with 3 boys.. it happens) and a leaking shower.

Curtains are gone and blinds will be going up.

I have stamped out a few images before the hubby and father removed it all.

Just know now... they are christmas images. Don't judge me! lol

Take care and stay safe.