Saturday, May 11, 2019

Blast of Fun

Hi again,

So many things are happening. Life is pretty crazy but we always have to set aside some time for ourselves... Not an easy thing to do as Mums.

Kids getting to school, arguing with each other and you! Oh my Gosh!! The level of their voice has no limit! Love them dearly but they are all consuming at times. :)

That is how it SHOULD be but you need to make sure you have time for you!

Find your thing... Like most of us reading this post it is craft. To make something, whether this is mixed media, off the page, cardmaking or scrapbooking is our happy place. That list isn't conclusive of course but we like to make pretty things!

I set myself challenges sometimes to break things up. At the moment it isn't working! lol I have lost my mojo... again! I seem to want to make things and then sit at my desk and I can't think of any of the ten tonne of things I wanted to do an hour ago!

During the last 30 day colouring challenge I coloured some images and waited for the time and inspiration to make them into cards.

I haven't finished all of the images but here is the first.
This stamp set is from My Favourite Things named 'Space Explorer'

Copics Used
Hair: E47, 37, 33
Blues: B18, 23, 21
Greens: BG99, 96, 93
Skin: E000, 01, 11, 04
Grey: C4, 2, 0
Gold:T4, YR24, 21

Sponged with Ground Expresso, Faded Jeans and Tumbled Glass.
When I sponged the ground expresso (I didn't want it really dark) I sponged random areas so the other colours can shine.

Flick of water and flicks of white paint for stars and it is all done.

I wish you a week of happiness and crafty fun. See you next week.

Saturday, May 4, 2019


I know I am the only person in the world who has ever gone to sold a stamp set without using it!!! I know, I know.... terrible person ha ha ha.

We have all done it and maybe hid the fact we have never used it, apart from maybe stamping it for a catalogue.
Well this set I think needs to go but it was just that... Unused! Such a waste of money which can have it's own shame. I spent that money.... and never used it!

No shame here! I've decided I'm going to learn from it and move it on to another person who possibly couldn't afford to buy it new! That's what I'm telling myself.

I couldn't let it go without stamping it out and playing with it at least once!
It is a cute set, it just isn't my style anymore and we change as we got older and learn more about ourselves.
I used pinterest to spark some ideas.

I masked out the peacock and added some flourishes and some flowers stamped in random places.

Inks- both cards are the same colours
Marina Mist- love this colour, I know it is gone but I just loved it!
Emerald Mist
Pumpkin Pie
Crushed Curry

I am not a demonstrator that does parties and gets rid of old cardstock. It's not going to happen. I like the colours and that is that. :)

I wanted to ground my peacock so I used G14 and G17.

To finish it all off I gold embossed some dots as I felt it just needed a little something!

Side note- My house got hit by lightening!

It has been soo annoying but thankfully no major damage just annoying things. Internet died, one T.V. died (it was a smart TV... not so smart, but makes sense because it connects to the internet) it appears the lightening struck something related to that!

BUT did you know, when this happens lots of people lose their garage door! Which I totally couldn't understand! Theories went around regarding that it is because of the remote... blah blah blah.

Yesterday, I found out ( when it finally got fixed after nearly 6 weeks of no garage door and one tv down. My husband sorted the internet( when 3 teenagers and no net... thank goodness! They thought they were dying!)

Any who...

It goes back to the thing that nothing lasts anymore! Years ago they use to have some big (like a nut, don't quote me!) thing. Now they make things in China and they put in 3 little cheap parts and one dies, it is fine. Two die and... she no work! ha ha. So they are now sensitive to things and this is why!

Your welcome! I know you always wanted to know this!

Anyway we are now back to normal apart from furniture that had to go cos the insurance replaced the TV with a bigger TV which didn't fit the old TV unit. Now.... I can't get rid of the unit! No one wants the older fashion units where the tv sits in the unit not on it! So annoying but never mind.

Gees I've had some things happen lately... stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by. Take Care