Sunday, April 21, 2019

Too Cool for School

I know I'm preaching to the choir, but there is SOOO much pretty paper and you keep buying more. You physically have to restrain yourself  from buying more....

I am currently caught in that loop of drooling over all the pretty paper out that. Since finding out how  to make albums.... that I never use lol because I don't actually scrapbook. Coco Vanilla...... STUNNING...... Kaisercraft Whisper, Pen and Ink and don't get me started on Kaisercraft's Greenhouse.... Why do they have to make soo many pretty papers..... For suckers, I mean people, like me! LOL
People are suckers just..... it's soooooo pretttyyyyy

Today's project is another album this time for a new preppie in school. First year of school are called Preps or Fondation students, depends abit on area

This paper I loved soooo much I have 2, yes 2, of the smaller packs of this collection and a large pack of the more plainer version of this collection.... So there will be another larger version to come.

I need to find a way to use all this paper some how!

It is very bright and colourful range of papers, perfect for the school years!

I added a pocket on the front as I felt it was missing something. I also added 3 photo mats.

 The paper is abit hidden in this photo the pencils on the paper line up perfectly. With another pocket with quite a few mats.
The pages are staged. I used tutorial from LMSCreations, I am not up to a level to do these things from scratch yet. I have altered things slightly to make it my own a little bit. First step I suppose to doing one from scratch on my own.
 Little pocket with a photo mat in the edge. Sticker is also a Kaisercraft I added it wonky as I thought primary school art is never straight. ha ha.
 This opens up accordian style. See below.
 Double flap with a tuck spot on the inside.

 A couple of little pockets with photo mats.

With a little magnet to hold things closed. Pocket on the left.

Opened up.

 A little magnet to hold the 4 little flip panels closed.

Inside of the back cover with another pocket.

 Back cover.

That is it. Lots of photos.

Thankyou for stopping by!

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