Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Darkroom Door Gerbera

 A friend and I had a crafting day and we had new toys! Now this is purely my thoughts and I bought these, they weren't given to me nor was I asked to do this.

Couture Creations has new Metallic Ink called Stayz in Place.

They work similar to Stazon in regards to quick drying but smells much better and have a metallic look.

I stamped it on plain cardstock, yupo, black yupo, blended it and tried it out with watercolour. I have 2 cards to show you. One is abit more technical in regards to the colouring and the second one I applied a bucket load of water to see how it worked. I assumed it would be fine but we really wanted to play soo... you get it see the results.

  Things to know!

They are quick drying...der! Its alcohol based lol
They need to be re-inked regularly as it is alcohol ink so it does dry.
Beautiful shiny results on bold prints, harder to see on fine outlines
On black yupo or black cardstock it only really shows up silvery but still shimmery.
Works great on both plain cardstock and Yupo.
Doesn't move like Alcohol inks but can be used similar to alcohol ink. You will work it abit more. 
As we are looking at today is how it goes with watercolour.
Were very subtle when stamped over alcohol ink with a fine outline, bolder printed stamps were better.

Over all it stood up well in most areas. Honestly the only thing I was disappointed with was that on black cardstock/yupo. All of the colours we tried were silvery. Still pretty!

I bought Rose Gold, Sterling Silver, Antique Gold, Bronze and a Matte Black. My friend had Copper. There is another 3... Bright Gold and Jet Black Pearlescent and Artic White. The Cleaner smells great too and works well. 

Nothing blabbering...

Darkroom Door Gerbera Daisy DDRS213  

Arteza Paint
Sunburst Yellow
Naples Yellow
Yellow Ochre
Burnt Umber
Sepia Brown
Olive Green

Black Paint
Watercolour cardstock
Taylored Expression Simple Strips

Next one, I applied a lot of water and painted the whole thing extremely roughly then added more detail. Oh gosh, this one first looked like it was going south, MY fault not the inks. Important to know if things are looking like a hot mess keep going until it doesn't! What have you got to lose! It already looks like a mess!!

This one is much more grungy.

Darkroom Door Gerbera Daisy DDRS213 

Arteza Watercolor
Naples Yellow
Cobalt Green
Clear Raindrops
Gold Leaf Embossing Powder
Versamark Embossing Ink
Brown Cardstock

Overall, I like them. Colours are pretty, stamp well. 

I hope this isn't too confusing.

You can check out the video here.

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