Thursday, October 10, 2019

Something new today!

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Soooo..... one wonders sometimes why we do what we do... Is it a moment of temporary insanity or a moment of inspiration!???

Today I have done my first ever youtube video, well I've done them for Auslan but none were public access and frankly I FREAKED when I actually posted one public one day! But I have evolved! So you will find a video of how I made this card. Be nice!... please. lol

Today's card is from an old Kaisercraft range, called Miss Empire. I wanted to use Seaside and me by Couture Creations but I think I have seen it so much I forgot that I hadn't actually bought it so that will  be changing as I only just saw it in a shop last week! It is gorgeous!

Is an lovely blend of vintage style of greens orange and browns.

I also used the collectables in the range. The card was very simple in the end. I originally wanted to use the New Card Deco Ink pads from Couture Creations for the sentiment and I could of used that ink for sponging around the background but I needed to get this video done and I had a timeline to do it in with very little time.

I have been away again and this will be the last for a while, thank goodness. 

Such a great time away thou. Sooo many whales to be seen (from dry land) while they were just playing and enjoying themselves.

I cut paper to be 14.4x 10 to fit the front of my card base which is measures 14.9 x 10.5, leaving a small border around the edge. I then applied some Embossing Paste by Studio 490 through Anna Griffith Daisy Batik stencil. It wasn't over the whole page I just needed a touch to give some depth and texture to my project. The stencil is quite a thick stencil and in the photo above you can see the texture you get from using this type of stencil. I love it.

After drying it off I sponged some Walnut Stain Distress Ink over the panel to bring out the detail of the embossing paste. I sponged around all elements of the project including the collectables and flowers. You can see the sponging on the flowers a lot better in the photos compared to the video.

It connects everything together!

The frame and the lady are mounted up with foam mount for dimension.

I added some cheesecloth behind the feature panel. This stuff is great you don't have to do too much at all to it. You can also tea dye it. It breaks up the background with the frame having no backing to it.

It is held on with the foam tape and I added a little bit of glue behind it to make sure it stays al together.

As you can see here on the frame I aged the frame again with the Walnut Stain to help bring your eye to the centre of the card and the lady and flowers.

That's it! As you can see it really is a simple card with not alot of layers or extras. Sometimes less is more. It didn't need more... I think!

My video can be found here.

As I mentioned above it is a basic video but I'm working on improving that.

I hope you like it and thank you for stopping by.

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