Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Card 2 Lily and Moss

Hello everyone, There was a hiccup with this video today.  Something wasn't pressed when I thought it was or just my dog ate it...


This is my card. 
 I scrolled thru the pad to find some paper that spoke to me. I decided an element I pulled out for the last card. I made this into a little shaker being careful to make sure no glue oozes out the sides. I have used a single layer of foam and not 2. I didn't want it to be too high. I also put more acetate on the back of the element so I can raise the back panel up a little bit on the base.

Green leaf paper 8 x 14.8cm
Text strip 2 x 14.8cm
Vellum 5 x 14.8
Seam Binding
Uniquely Creative Sequin mix and a little bit of white glitter.
Star Dust stickles

Strictly speaking, the vellum isn't 14.8cm long. I lied but but.... I have a good reason. :)
The vellum is 2 separate pieces.  Vellum can be hard to adhere without the glue being seen. I thought about where I would put the sequins and placed the glue dots there. Then the sequins over the top.

I originally had the seam binding down the side but it was all wrong and felt wrong. I say trust your instincts.

The binding was only around the card and not adhere on, so with some slight bending NOT folding I slipped it off and moved it to a better spot. Bottom left was it. This also hid another glue dot!

Finally a little stickles on the printed flower.

I hope you enjoyed it.


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