Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Card Number 4 Lily and Moss

Hi Everyone,

Today's card is the 4th and probably the final card. You don't know what will happen! :)

 Stamped panel is 9.7 x 14.1cm
Green Mosaic is 10 x 14.4cm

There is a little more detail in this card to explain.
I used a MISTI corner to position the cardstock a little away from the corner and stamped the flowers. I left everything where it was for later.This gave me a guide on where to place scraps of paper.

I had a few scraps and honestly I looked at what I had and used that! The text paper is a scrap but I did cut a strip of a bigger bit. I wanted lighter colours so you could see the roses. I actually placed a darker strip and once it was glued I decided it was too dark for the rose so up it came.

I placed the strips of paper over the roses at an angle and leaving some of the element on the plain cardstock. There is no reasoning where I put them. I placed them and if I liked it, they stayed! The End! lol
I placed the cardstock back into the MISTI and re stamped the roses over the top of the papers in Versafine again.

I added some bling with Nuvo Crystal Drops and StarDust stickles on the roses.

Full Disclosure I made this card using ink first to try it out. The green I picked wasn't quite what I envisioned. I don't normally redo a card, I just wanted a different look but I'm going to show you everything. Including changing one thing can make a difference.

It's not bad just not what I wanted. So you can do it with ink I just had a different vision.
You can find the video here

Thanks for stopping by.

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